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  • Goal specific workout programs.
  • ​Tailored nutrition plans.
  • ​Live longer.
  • ​Live better. 
It all starts today with RxFit.
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“Optimal fitness & health should always be within your grasp, never beyond it”
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Here Is What You Get:
Workout Programs That Work for You 
 Our workouts are not a one size fits all solution. If your goals are different then it only makes sense that your programs are too. 
  • Get unlimited access to highly specific workouts based on your goals
  • Bi-weekly progressions to make sure you’re always moving forward toward your goals
Nutrition Made Simple & Delicious
Our philosophy is that nutrition shouldn’t take a science degree to figure out. Food should be easy to understand, simple to make, and enjoyable to consume. 
  • Tailored meal plans based on your goals and specifcations
  • Easy to understand preparation instructions along with grocery shoppings lists
  • ​Delicious recipes using simple, healthy ingredients to give your body the fuel it needs
Video Demonstrations
With our ever-expanding exercise video library, you'll nail down the technique for each exercise and make sure you’re doing them properly… it’s like having a trainer in your pocket.  
  • 200+ exercise videos to demonstrate proper form and technique
  • ​Peace of mind knowing you’re making each workout as efficient and effective as possible
Track Results YOUR Way
We live by the philosophy that assessing is better than guessing, but not everyone has the same priorities for what they want to track.
  • Choose what you want to track based on your preferences and goals, from a variety of key areas
  • ​See your progression and compare your results over time
Community Support
They say you become who you surround yourself with. This is the place to surround yourself with others going through the same process as you. The ability to connect with, and share support with others that truly understand the sacrifces you’re making is invaluable. The RxFit private facebook group is where you’ll find your new friends and allies. 
Theres absolutely no commitment or payment when signing up for our VIP access list, you are not obligated to sign up when we officially launch… but should you want to (and we're pretty sure you do), that price will be yours for life. CRAZY RIGHT?!?!
“Optimal fitness & health should always be within your grasp, never beyond it” 
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