Prescribed For Life
Health by design, so you can live better!
Energy in and energy out.
That is how we live our lives.
RxFit focuses that energy on the things that matter most.
The things that matter to you.

Our goal is to optimize health and wellness by making it simpler to understand, and putting it within your grasp.

In the end, the goal is to increase your years by improving the quality of those years.
RxFit is an intelligent training tool designed to optimize your life. 
Our built-in progressive training system powered by personalization will help you generate energy, strength, and balance for life.
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We are NOT:
  • Inspired by a “quick fix” method. 
  • ​Interested in becoming a trend-based fitness program.  
  • ​Motivated to make you feel shame about your body. 
  • Just another 6, 8 or 12 week “transformation” program​.
The personalization of working with a top trainer, for the price of the average fitness app
Here is what you get:
Workout programs that
work for you
Our workouts are not a one size fits all solution. If your goals are different then it only makes sense that your programs are too.
  • Get unlimited access to highly specific workouts based on your goals
  • ​Bi-weekly progressions to make sure you’re always moving forward toward your goals
Nutrition made simple & delicious 
Our philosophy is that nutrition shouldn’t take a science degree to figure out. Food should be easy to understand, simple to make, and enjoyable to consume. 
  • Meal plans designed based on your goals and specifications
  • ​Easy to understand preparation instructions along with grocery shopping lists
  • ​Delicious recipes using simple, healthy ingredients to give your body the fuel it needs
Video Demonstrations
With our ever-expanding exercise video library, you'll nail down the technique for each exercise and make sure you’re doing them properly… it’s like having a trainer in your pocket.
  • 200+ exercise videos to demontrate proper form and technique
  • ​Peace of mind knowing you’re making each workout as efficient and effective as possible
We live by the philosophy that assessing is better than guessing, but not everyone has the same priorities for what they want to track. 
  • Choose what you want to track based on your preferences and goals, from a variety of key areas
  • ​See your progression and compare your results over time
Community Support
They say you become who you surround yourself with. This is the place to surround yourself with others going through the same process as you. The ability to connect with, and share support with others that truly understand the sacrifices you’re making is invaluable. The RxFit private Facebook group is where you’ll find your new friends and allies.
Goal specific workout programs.
Tailored nutrition plans.
It all starts today with RxFit.
Hear what rxfit members are saying...
Meet Patricia Boetto Client Feature
"When I was younger I used to love to ski, bike, hike, and ride horses. I was active, healthy, and I didn't think any of that would really change. Then I got a desk job with a 45 minute commute to work (on a good day). It didn't happen right away of course, it was one of those things that snuck up on me, but before I realized it things weren't the way they used to be. I found myself unable to walk without pain in my feet due to a condition known as plantar fasciitis. I definitely couldn't ski anymore because I couldn't find a snowsuit that fit. I couldn't climb three flights of stairs without sweating buckets and straining to breath. Needless to say biking and hiking were out of the question. As for riding horses, well I was far outside the allowable weight limits. Still my actual weight never bothered me. That number on the scale didn't really matter - it was all the things I couldn't do anymore that mattered. I lost all the things that I loved and I had all the perfectly good excuses as to why I lost them. Then one day I decided excuses didn't bring me any of the good things in life. So I finally fessed up and dropped the excuses. I joined the gym.
When I started I was 240 lbs with 44% body fat (apparently not good numbers). I met my trainer Jermel who organized a plan for me and with his motivation, and inspiration, we started on a quest to get back what I had lost. When I started I couldn't lift much weight, couldn't hold a plank, and couldn't do a single pushup (let alone a couple of hundred). Running on a treadmill consisted of a brisk walk up a slight incline and didn't last very long. My progress seemed slow at times, and at other times I felt like I was going backwards, but having a plan that I could trust gave me confidence that I was still moving forward. I'll never forget the day I saw this part of my plan "pushups 20V" and when I found out what it meant (20 sets decreasing the reps by 1 each time). Then I did the math - 210 pushups. I was not amused to say the least, but I was determined. When I was finished I couldn't get up so I lay on the floor thinking how much it had sucked and wondered if I'd feel my arms the next day. 

Then I remembered that day, way back when, when I couldn't even do one pushup. I had just done over two hundred and the sense of victory in that moment was priceless. Today I'm sitting at 207 lbs with 34% body fat. I'm about halfway to my goal but that doesn't matter. What matters is that I can walk without pain, I can run on a treadmill, I can bike, and ski, and ride horses. I have even hiked through the Rockies, which have given me a new perspective on what it means to stand on the shoulders of giants. I'm not done my journey just yet, but I can't wait to see what another year brings. "

frequently asked questions
Do I need access to a gym to do the workouts?
Short answer: No. While it’s true that the best results are achieved with equipment use, “fancy” machines are not mandatory with RxFit. We use tools that you can easily keep at home: dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls. If you prefer to workout at home or in the park, you will still be set up for success. If you do have access to a gym, great. 
I’m brand new to fitness, will I be able to do RxFit?
Absolutely. Because we are not a “quick fix” method, you will be able to benefit from RxFit from your first day picking up a barbell through to high-performance athleticism. You will be learning the foundations of fitness and then building upon that foundation of knowledge for life. And even better, you’ll prevent against burnout and injury by learning the core aspects of body movement and implementing them properly. The RxFit lifestyle is about doing it right, not fast for no good reason. 
How long are the workouts? 
Length and intensity depend on your goals and your phase within your personalized program. Generally speaking, workout time is between 45 and 90 minutes. Certain workouts will be longer than others but every workout is designed to provide you with sustainable energy and progressive growth. Put another way, we are not “drill sergeants”. We have planned for you to feel strong, energized, and proud of your achievements after every session.  
How long will it take for me to see results? 
It’s common to see a physical change within six weeks of consistent body movement. However, you will experience immediate results with these supplementary benefits: increased energy, improved focus, and mental clarity. 
What makes RxFit different from other fitness apps? 
Most fitness apps are based on a short-set time frame. Many people invest in “quick fix” fitness apps when they are feeling anxious and out of control with their bodies. Oppositely, RxFit is about sustainability and intelligent progression over the long term. How you choose to pursue your fitness goals is a personal choice. But we believe in access to education, applied knowledge, and doing things right.
Why is RxFit only $19 per month?
We are committed to providing easy access to fitness for everybody. We don’t believe you should have to choose between getting fit or going broke. Plus, we’re just sharing what we know — we choose not to charge a premium for that. It’s that simple. 
Health by design, So you can live better
Still not sure if RxFit is right for you?
We’re more than happy to answer and all questions you still have! Our mission is to bring as personalized an experience as possible in today's automated, digital age, so send us an email here or connect with us on Instagram and a real person will get back to you.

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